Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Before any one calls me to tell me "this is not funny!", read the story below! I saw this on someone's blog and I could not resist snagging it (with permission of course).

For anyone who does not know, CTR stand for "Choose the Right", and LDS kids (and adults) wear "CTR rings" as reminders to do so. It's kind of like wearing a "WWJD?" bracelet, and actually predates the "WWJD?" trend.

Below is the explanation of the picture from this little guy's mother:

"For Christmas, J got a new CTR ring in his stocking from Santa. It is a little too big for his ring finger, so he has been wearing it on his middle finger.

So, last week, J came home from school. [My husband] happened to be home with me when [J]walked through the door. He said to us, "I had to flip my card to yellow but I don't even know why!" He then proceeds to tell us how everyone at his table was being very loud and disruptive (something J HATES!) In his frustration, he told everyone around him that they were NOT...

Rather than saying "choosing the right," he held up his middle finger to show them his 'CTR' ring. I don't doubt he has told everyone plenty of times what his ring means, so I think he assumed that if he simply SHOWED them the ring, then they would understand.

Well, apparently not all the kids are as innocent as my son and the fact that they were being "flipped off" caused quite the uproar! Kids started pointing at J saying "Ooohhh!" I imagine the louder they got, the more J would show his ring. Other kids joined in, and J would kindly show his ring to them as well! With all the chaos, his teacher wasn't interested in hearing an explanation (as she tried to get control of the classroom again), so J had to "flip a card.

[We] were trying so hard not to laugh as we realized that NOW was the time to explain that raising the middle finger was a bad gesture; that it is like 'swearing' or saying a bad word.

The funny thing to me about this story is that [we] had every opportunity the night before to explain to him that raising the middle finger is inappropriate. In fact, I can even say I had a strong feeling TO explain it. But, I ignored that feeling in the moment as I basked in the fact that my little boy was still innocent!

This is what happened (the night before)...We were reading scriptures and came upon the verse in 2 Nephi that says that it is by grace that we are saved, after all we can do. J asked what "grace" means.

[Dad] explained that it is like we are climbing a ladder to get to heaven but it only goes half way. The only way to get there is to have Jesus pull us up with a rope the rest of the way. In our discussion, [Dad] asked, "J, how do you think we get to heaven." J showed his middle finger (flipping him off), and it took [Dad] a minute to understand, "oh, yeah... by 'choosing the right'."

Would that have been a good time to explain? Of course, but we didn't. So, perhaps it was OUR fault he got in trouble."


  1. This is the funniest story I've heard in a long time. Too bad it probably wouldn't make it to the Mormonism section in the New Era! Love it!

  2. TopHat has a picture like that from when her 3 y.o. was trying to count: